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I attended a virtual trade show October, 20: Think Outside the Booth. It was wonderful!! 

When folks at the different booths asked how my day was going, I said, "next best thing to being there."  I left the show with the same feelings of excitement and renewed energy as if I were walking a show floor.  

So, IT'S GO TIME!!! I love what I do and plan to share what I've learned over the next few weeks. Creative ways to strengthen your brand or message to get noticed and remembered in this world we find ourselves. 

Below are many of the phrases that were repeatedly used and are relevant as we make plans to market & deliver our message going forward. I'll expand on these later. 

1: The New Normal: aren't you tired of hearing this? Yet it is our world right now.  We can get noticed and remembered by providing hand sanitizers, masks, antimicrobial products and appropriate signage. But the new normal also includes, more time at home, cooking, walking the dog or playing games. 

2: Kitting & free drop shopping: We can create a kit that is original to you. Mixing several items of your choosing and drop ship them directly to your end user.  The free drop shipping is key, since it is usually $8-$15 per location.

3: FREE Personalization:  We have many options for FREE personalization on products.  All we need is your logo & a spreadsheet of names and addresses.  We can include the end users name on the product, along with your logo/message & ship it directly to them.

4: Natural Nostalgia: those 60's & 70's vintage items are trending.  Tie Dye, tin lunchboxes & flannel. Nostalgia to me but vintage to you younger folks.

THE ONLY CONSTANT IS CHANGE. Fortunately, I've always embraced change & use it as an opportunity to learn, grow and hone new skills. Change is exciting & invigorating and am giddy with excitement after this show!!

Can't wait collaborate with you to create a perfect campaign that gets you noticed and remembered.